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Background and History of CCFF

On 17 November 2010 widespread flooding was experienced throughout mid Cornwall. More than 300 households and businesses were affected. Following the floods Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency established two Flood Recovery Groups. They met monthly to oversee the recovery stage and involve communities in the process. These groups fed back via their Chairs to a strategic Steering Group that had representatives from Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency and South West Water.

Rather than dissolve the Flood Recovery Groups it was decided that the knowledge, skills and experience should be retained to assist other communities in Cornwall and to maintain an ongoing focus on flood risk. CCFF was formed in January 2012 in order to facilitate this. Start-up funding came from Cornwall Council, South West Water and UK Flood Barriers Ltd. This was then further enhanced by a £10,000 National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ grant which was used to support the formation, training and equipping of flood groups in the areas affected by the 2010 floods.

In June 2013, Cornwall Council successfully secured a £238,000 Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project – one of 13 across England and Wales funded by Defra. Cornwall Council chose CCFF as its project delivery partner and a significant aspect of the funding was to ensure the development and sustainability of the Forum itself, alongside supporting its ongoing work to establish and train community flood groups. The Pathfinder project ran until March 2015 and was seen as one of the most successful of all the Defra Pathfinder Projects.

You can read the summary and full Cornwall Pathfinder Reports here. You can also read the full Defra Pathfinder England and Wales Project Evaluation Report here.

Summary Pathfinder Report
Full Pathfinder Report
Pathfinder Evaluation Report

The Pathfinder provided CCFF with the resources to further develop. This included the services of a part time paid officer and the development and testing of a Community Resilience Toolkit of resources including training modules for volunteer flood wardens. Over time these resources have been further developed and are now recognised nationally as an example of best practice. They are all available to download in the Support section of this website. CCFF has funding support from the Environment Agency via the South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to continue to provide direct support to communities wishing to develop their resilience to flooding. You can read all about this in the Support section of the website.

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