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By being better informed and prepared for flooding you may be able to reduce the damage it can cause and help you to recover from the effects more quickly. There are lots of things you can do to prepare yourself and your home- a short summary of what you can do now, where to get flood updates and what to do when you get a flood warning is provided by the EA:

Flood Action Guide

Download a copy of the Flood Action Guide.

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The National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum has compiled a catalogue of flood protection products and providers known as the Blue Pages. In addition, you can access Flood Re- an initiative between the Government and insurers to provide affordable insurance for residential properties in flood risk areas or with a history of flooding.

Property Level Protection (PLP)

Advice and guidance on how to protect your home from flooding is available from a variety of sources. PLP can reduce the risk of water getting into your home but can also reduce the impact of flood water if it was to enter your property.

The figure below has kindly been supplied by Premier Water Solutions, which highlights different areas where you can make some modifications (big and small) to help protect your property, along with their indicative costs.

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The EA also has this booklet on how to prepare your property for flooding, which can be accessed here.

Please note the Cornwall Community Flood Forum do not endorse any individual product or company and take no responsibility for any issues or disputes arising as a result of their purchase or use.

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