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Property Flood Resilience


Property Flood Resilience (PFR), previously referred to as Property Level Protection (PLP), is an important element of flood risk management. PFR covers measures that reduce the risk to people and property, enabling households and businesses to reduce the damage caused by floods and speed up recovery and reoccupation. There are a range of PFR measures available that can be used to help reduce the impact of flooding on a building, whether it be a home or a business premises. PFR is split into two categories: Resistance and Resilience.

The workshop at Heartlands will feature a demonstration of these different measures. However, for our online audience, please watch the video animations and complete the activity checklist below.

Activity Checklist

Understand the different PFR measures available by watching the animations above

Visit the BeFloodReady website

Use the Property Protection Advisor tool to find out how much it could cost to provide PFR for your home

Community Resilience


Our Community Resilience afternoon workshop is being run by the team at Communities Prepared. It has a focus on the volunteer journey, from getting volunteers signed up to your community flood group to keeping them engaged over the long-term. The team will share some practical tips from existing flood groups around the country and will run activities to help our audience think through what motivates community members to become volunteers and how to make the most of this to grow your group.

For our online audience, we have created this page for you to explore some resources which will help you learn and understand the above goals of the workshop. Please browse through these and remember to complete the activity checklist below! Please get in touch with us via if you would like to discuss community flood plan and group development for your community. Every year we are able to support 5 new communities for free!

Recruiting Volunteers Workshop Outputs

Volunteer Role Profile

Register with Communities Prepared

Community Flood Plans

Community Volunteer Training

Activity Checklist

Sign up for free Flood warnings

Understand your flood risk and your wider community flood risk with the Environment Agency’s free flood risk maps

Download and complete the Personal Flood Plan Template

Cornwall Climate Care


Cornwall’s Climate Stories is a series of documentaries highlighting the impacts of climate change already being felt across our county, as well as the fantastic local businesses, researchers and community groups working hard to prepare us for the challenges coming our way. The series trailer and first two films in the series are now available to watch via the links below. There is also a link to the Environment Agency’s Climate and Biodiversity Crisis: How to deliver a nature-positive future.

Make sure you also complete the activities listed under the videos!

Activity Checklist

Download the COP26 place mat poster and have a conversation about the contents with someone over dinner

Place mat poster courtesy of ClimateVision.

Read the 10 Pledges artwork and do as many of the top 10 pledges as you think you can achieve!

10 pledges artwork courtesy of ClimateVision

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