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BeFloodReady is a campaign launched by the Defra funded and Environment Agency supported South West Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder Project. BeFloodReady provides information and guidance helping individuals, businesses and communities to BeFloodReady. 

Find out more about BeFloodReady at and follow us on Twitter @BeFloodReady. We have created a range of tools and materials to support those living and working at flood risk.

Missy’s Tale

BeFloodReady are excited to bring you our brand-new film developed by multi-award winning Aardman Animations! Watch the story of what happened when Missy and her human family were not ready for flooding and how Property Flood Resilience (PFR) has helped them be better prepared for next time!

PFR Products

Property Flood Resilience (PFR), previously referred to as Property Level Protection (PLP), is an important element of flood risk management. PFR includes measures that reduce the risk to people and property, enabling households and businesses to reduce the damage caused by floods and speed up recovery and reoccupation.

There are a range of PFR products available that can be used to help reduce the impact of flooding on a building, whether it be a home or a business premises. PFR is split into two categories: Resistance & Adaptation.

Resistance Measures: 

Measures that can be fitted to the outside of a property, forming a physical barrier between the flood water and the building. These measures aim to reduce the amount of water entering the building, thereby reducing the damage caused internally. Examples of resistance measures can be seen in the animation videos below:

Air Vent

Flood Barrier

Foul NRV

Silicone Sealing

Air Brick

Flood Gate

Puddle Pump

Toilet Pung & Pan Seal

Domestic NRV

Flood Door


Waterproof Walls

Adaptation Measures: 

Measures and finishes to adapt the internal property fabric that aim to limit the damage caused if water does enter the building. These measures allow the clean up and repair process to occur rapidly, enhancing recoverability. Examples of resilience measures include:

  • Water resilient walls
  • Water resilient floors
  • Flood resilient kitchen features
  • Boiler location
  • Location of Electrics
  • Location of Personal and Valuable items

The FloodPod & Events

Our kitted-out BeFloodReady FloodPod is available to visit communities in the South West! Join the team on board to learn about the impacts of climate change on flooding and how PFR can be used to increase flood resilience. Keep an eye on the BeFloodReady website and Twitter for details of upcoming events.


We have developed a range of useful resources for you to view and download for free. We have collaborated with a variety of partners to produce materials which will help you understand your flood risk and how PFR can be used to manage flooding at your home or business. These resources also provide information on the types of PFR products available and the different funding options.

Our handy PFR booklet was developed with the Communities Prepared team. Download a PDF version here or get in touch if you would like a hard copy!

The Baseline Report was put together following consultation with key partners, including the Environment Agency and Risk Management Authorities (RMAs). Download a copy here.

Our short introductory presentation and demonstration video takes you through what we mean by PFR and showcases some of the available PFR measures on the market today! View it here

BeFloodReady at the South West Climate Studio

The South West Climate Studio has been developed in collaboration with Carbon Neutral Cornwall and is located at Heartlands World Heritage Site between Redruth and Camborne in Cornwall. Heartlands is a major visitor attraction with over 300,000 visitors per annum, used by the local community and hosts many events.

The South West Climate Studio is split across two spaces. The first space focuses on PFR and contains information on flood risk and a wide range of PFR products for you to explore. The second space provides information on climate change and living a low carbon lifestyle. This interactive space shows how we can tackle climate change and mitigate its impacts individually, nationally and globally.

The BeFloodReady FloodHouse will also be on display at the South West Climate Studio. This tabletop model features a prepared and unprepared property, we let the water in and see what happens!

Seeing is believing, and we believe by seeing first-hand how PFR measures work in flood conditions, the benefits of making a home or business flood resilient will shine through.

Entry to the demonstration site will be free and open to all. Heartlands will be a legacy of the BeFloodReady Pathfinder for years to come.

How to find out more

BeFloodReady have developed an information hub at where you will find much more fantastic resources and information.

BeFloodReady Website

BeFloodready are also on Twitter. Give BeFloodReady a follow to stay up to date on all events and information!

BeFloodReady Twitter

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