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Building Community Resilience on a Dynamic Coast by Making Space for Sand


The Making Space for Sand project is one of 25 projects funded by Defra as part of the £150 million Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme.  The projects will drive innovation in flood defence and coastal community resilience and adaptation to a changing climate.

The project is about how we can use sand dunes as a natural defence against flooding and coastal erosion caused by bigger, stronger and more frequent storm events.  Dunes also will play part in protecting us from predicted sea level rise due to climate change in the future.

Through partner organisations, the project will be collecting information about the state and ecology of the dunes to identify what can be done to enable them to grow, thrive and roll back.  It will also collect data about dune dynamics and images to show how beaches and dunes used to look, what they look like now and provide modelling for what they might look like in the future.

This data will then be shared with communities and hopefully encourage volunteers and community groups to help build and protect health dune systems and also support coastal communities to develop resilience and adaptation plans to protect themselves against future flooding events.

CCFF will be the engagement partner who will help guide vulnerable coastal communities to understand what these predicted changes may mean to them and their community and support them to become more resilient to climate change through developing Community Resilience Action Briefs (CRABs) and Coastal Adaptation Plans (CAPs).

Click on this link to find out more about CCFF’s part in the Making Space for Sand project:

Community Engagement – Making Space for sand

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