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Property Flood Resilience (PFR)

commercial properties estimated to be at risk of flooding in the UK
of businesses can fail to re-open after being flooded
million UK properties are at risk from river, coastal and surface water flooding
months is the average time it takes to reoccupy a home after a flood

Property Flood Resilience (PFR), previously referred to as Property Level Protection (PLP), is an important element of flood risk management. PFR covers measures that reduce the risk to people and property, enabling households and businesses to reduce the damage caused by floods and speed up recovery and reoccupation.

There are a range of PFR products available that can be used to help reduce the impact of flooding on a building, whether it be a home or a business premises. PFR is split into two categories: RESISTANCE and RESILIENCE:


Measures that can be fitted to the outside of a property, forming a physical barrier between the flood water and the building. These measures aim to reduce the amount of water entering the building, thereby reducing the damage caused internally. Examples of resistance measures include:
  • Flood doors and barriers
  • Non-return valves
  • Self-closing airbricks
  • Air vent protection


Measures and finishes to adapt the internal property fabric that aim to limit the damage caused if water does enter the building. These measures allow the clean up and repair process to occur rapidly, enhancing recoverability. Examples of resilience measures include:
  • Water resilient walls
  • Water resilient floors
  • Flood resilient kitchen features
  • Boiler location

Although it is not possible to completely flood-proof a building, the images below show examples of resilience and resistance measures that can be installed throughout a home or business along with their approximate costs. We would like to thank Premier Water Solutions and MDA for supplying these images. You can enlarge each image by clicking on them.

This collection of case studies showcase some fantastic examples of where PFR adaptations have been made in varying types of residential and commercial buildings. One of the main misconceptions about PFR is that the products are noticeable. However, these case studies highlight just how contemporary and in-keeping PFR products can be.

A range of PFR measures were demonstrated at our 2019 conference within the PFR workshop. Photos of this event can be viewed below.

The National Flood Forum host the Property Protection Advisor, which is a simple tool that helps identify PFR options available for properties and provides an initial estimate of the costs. If you are considering PFR to increase your flood resilience, the Property Protection Advisor is a good place to start.

It is essential that PFR measures have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are up to the job. Homeowners and businesses should identify BSI Kitemarked products as these have been independently tested and proved with acceptable standards around leakage rates. Advice and guidance on how to protect your home from flooding is available from a variety of sources. You can also find out information from the National Flood Advisory Service which is a free service that can provide you with independent advice on flood mitigation for properties.

South West PFR Pathfinder Project

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum is delighted to be a delivery partner in the Defra funded South West Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Pathfinder Project. This project has been set up to increase awareness of PFR across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, with an aim to support flood risk communities, promote the new PFR framework and enhance the future uptake of PFR as a key part of flood risk management in the South West.

The project is being delivered with support from the Environment Agency, the Lead Local Flood Authorities in the South West and a range of strategic and delivery partners. This will strengthen the ability of community groups, businesses and individuals in the South West to increase their resilience to flooding.

BeFloodReady has been developed during the initial stages of the Pathfinder and aims to create a legacy after the project has finished. As part of this initiative, a website has been developed where a range of resources and information is available to support those at flood risk in the South West. Click on the button below to visit the website!

Visit the BeFloodReady Website here!

BeFloodReady Website

If you would like to learn more about this ongoing project, you can view the presentation slides which were presented at our 2019 conference as an introduction to the PFR Pathfinder project by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, view our dedicated SW PFR Pathfinder page by clicking here or by navigating from the Property Flood Resilience tab at the top of this webpage!

SW PFR Pathfinder Presentation Slides

Please note that Cornwall Community Flood Forum does not endorse any individual product or company and take no responsibility for any issues or disputes arising as a result of their purchase or use.

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