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The Plan can take many different forms and may be titled differently in different communities.  What is important is that volunteer wardens understand it and use it as a guide to their actions:

  • When to act
  • What to do (and what not to do!)
  • How to communicate
  • Where to find resources

A Community flood plan is not intended to be a document that is written and then filed away.  It is a living document – the basis of ongoing testing and review by the flood warden group.  Above all, it is an action plan that can be referred to when problems arise.

A Community flood plan is not a replacement for a full Community Emergency Plan, though sometimes these are combined.  A Community Emergency Plan usually takes the form of a template issued by a local authority and used for all communities in that area.  It is usually a larger and more detailed document that covers a broader range of emergencies.  The Community Emergency Plan (CEP) is put together in collaboration with town/parish councils, officers from the local authority and other agencies such as the Environment Agency.   When complete these documents are often stored by local authorities and/or the local resilience forum on ResilienceDirect, an online platform used by the emergency services and category 1 and 2 responders. For more information see

A flood action plan can form a useful annex to a Community Emergency Plan by providing a higher level of detail on what the emergency services can expect from a community tackling severe weather such as flood.

Community Flood Plan Template

A useful template for a flood action plan is the one devised by the Environment Agency in the South West and now widely used by communities at risk of flooding in that region.

Download (PDF)
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