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There are four training modules for volunteer flood wardens:

Community Volunteer Booklet – Understanding Flood Risk

This module provides an overview of the water cycle, climate change, how to recognise the different types of flooding, and the role of the Environment Agency and other authorities in tackling flooding.  The session gives a basic background to enable volunteer flood wardens to answer questions they may be asked in their community.  The module is usually tailored to include specific information about flooding in a community and wherever possible it is delivered by the local Environment Agency Flood Adviser.

Download (PDF)

Community Volunteer Booklet – Flood Risk Awareness

This module, and the videos that accompany it, aims to give volunteers an understanding of the dangers of flood water and how to keep themselves and their community safe. It covers not just the more obvious risks of drowning but wider issues such as gas and electricity hazards and hypothermia. It is often delivered by a member of the local Fire and Rescue Service.

Download (PDF)

Community Volunteer Booklet – An Introduction to Emergency Response

In this module volunteers learn about how the emergency services respond during an incident, the responsibilities of the different services, what to expect from them and how best to support them.

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Community Volunteer Booklet – Role Profile

At the end of the training, volunteers revisit their roles as set out in their community plan and reflect on how they will carry them out. This is an opportunity for the group to review the plan and ensure that all the required tasks are included and can be carried out in a responsible, safe manner. The module includes group activities to check that the information in previous modules has been understood. Often a list of follow-up actions is drawn up by the co-ordinator at this point.

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Volunteer Training Record

After the formal training element of the Preparation Cycle has been completed by all volunteers, certificates could be issued to provide evidence for insurers and others that the group understands its role and can undertake it responsibly and safely.

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